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Ann Ward

As a young pupil of Phyllis Sellick, five years prior to attending the Royal College of Music, Ann progressed along the path of a performer, giving many public recitals and appearances, including concertos at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Birmingham Town Hall and Birmingham University.

A Countess of Munster Scholarship at the age of 17 confirmed her outstanding commitment to music, and later her studies at Birmingham University brought the Barber Institute Undergraduate Award for academic and practical excellence.

Subsequent teachers included Kendall Taylor, Renna Kellaway and Josef Weingarten.

1987 saw her appointment as Director of the  ‘Leicestershire Specialist Music Course’, based at the Leicestershire School of Music.  A rewarding period followed, combining performance with teaching, and working with highly gifted students, all of whom aspired to music careers through Music Colleges, Oxbridge and other universities.

Later, as Chair of Music in Lyddington, she enjoyed being involved with the creation of performance opportunities for many professional artists. In 2009 she left Leicester to embark upon more individual teaching and playing. She currently examines for ABRSM throughout the UK, as well as internationally.

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